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Your data driven virtual analytics team

We bring your data to life with dynamic automated internal reporting, so that you can easily view and track the financial health of your community hospital or group practice.

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Generate the claims data you value most
Uncover areas needing special attention
Identify claim denial opportunities 

Get real-time actionable insights on demand!

Say goodbye to time-consuming static reports!


Our business intelligence dashboard brings your data to life, giving you the ability to easily view and track the financial health of your community hospital or group practice.

  • Easily identify trends & outliers

  • Observe denials proactively

  • Track claims data by payer, provider & diagnosis

  • See profitability by payer, provider & diagnosis


Our AI-driven solution delivers on-demand insights, allowing you to gain control over your financials. Essentially, we’re your virtual financial analytics team, providing complete:

  • Payment & Adjustment Analysis

  • Claims Analysis

  • Charges Analysis

  • Payer Analysis

  • Denials Analysis

  • Market Analysis


We give you more than just real time information. Our predictive intelligence and data science helps you become a better forecaster budgeter and strategic leader.

  • Target newly identified patient populations

  • Focus your attention on the tasks creating the highest return

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Community Health System CFO

SlicedHealth has helped us accelerate our cashflow by giving us immediate insights into our billing trends, payer behavior, and patient payments.

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Let's talk about transforming your healthcare organization

Let us know a little about you and we’ll reach out to schedule an inside look at how partnering with SlicedHealth  can drive your success. 


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