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Better technology puts the power of data in your hands.

SlicedHealth  understands the struggle you face to maintain an effective and efficient process to ensure that you are paid in full for the services you provide. Insurance companies have contractually agreed to payment rates and terms per their contracts. Whether it is staffing, cost or contractual complexities hindering your processes, we assist with effective tools that, until now, most felt were too expensive to consider as solutions. 

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Contract Management Solution for Hospitals & Group Practices


We've got you covered!

Our contract management solution is easily affordable and helps you quickly identify when payments fall short of the contractual obligations of your payers. We provide targeted worklists to aid you in collecting the correct reimbursement for your services. Our technology helps put the leverage of payer negotiations in your hands, protecting your health system's financial safety.

See how your payers are performing against all contractual obligations, including time to pay

All contract complexities are modeled whether a carve out, special fee schedule or priority based

Accurate data regarding the valuation of your accounts receivable based on payer yield calculations

Provides daily view of underpayments

Manage your contract renewal dates and rebilling timing

Rapid install with minimum burden on health system

Knowing the issue is the first step in solving the issue. To date, we have analyzed over $2.5 billion in claims and uncovered hundreds of millions in denials and underpayments for our customers.

Let's talk about transforming your healthcare organization

Let us know a little about you and we’ll reach out to schedule an inside look at how partnering with SlicedHealth can drive your success. 

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