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Your AI-driven patient engagement solution

By incorporating text-based messaging and conversational AI, community hospitals and medical practices can now reach a high volume of patients, and simultaneously identify and automate actions to better manage those patients. Reduce administrative workflow and drive quality with SlicedHealth.

Patient Engagement Software for Hospitals & Group Practices
Patient Engagement Software for Hospitals & Group Practices


Scale Operations

  • Maximize outreach and connection rates - with no emailing or cold calling

  • Direct patients to the right resource and level of care via text​

  • Automate actions to identify and manage at-risk patients

  • Facilitate the use of telemedicine, primary care and specialists

Transform Engagement

  • Allow patients to self-schedule clinician callbacks and virtual visits​

  • Pre-screen patients via automated triage questions​

  • Set up virtual waiting rooms to mitigate exposure risk​

  • Real-time, two-way conversations​

  • No logins or apps to download

Drive Results

  • Refill your schedule intelligently​

  • Increase follow-up appointments​

  • Reduce readmissions and ED visits​

  • Improve 48-hour follow ups and HCAHPS​

  • Enhance transitional care management

Easily schedule and initiate HIPAA secure virtual interactions with your patients.
Measure performance
  • Deliver fully-automated surveys

  • Collect immediate and actionable feedback

  • Protect your brand and recover dissatisfied patients

  • Capture more data to better evaluate staff performance

Need to recover lost surgical revenue?

With most elective surgeries canceled due to COVID-19, we understand that now, more than ever, healthcare organizations need an efficient way to get these procedures back on the schedule to replenish their revenue and improve the overall health and wellness of their patient populations. 

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Let's talk about transforming your healthcare organization

Let us know a little about you and we’ll reach out to schedule an inside look at how partnering with SlicedHealth can drive your success. 

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