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Enable Upfront Payments

Enabling upfront payments can mitigate financial loss for your organization and increase patient satisfaction, thus reducing the likelihood of patient leakage. Patient, or more aptly stated today, ‘customer’ satisfaction hinges on providing a transparent understanding of financial obligations before healthcare services are rendered. Estimating the customer’s portion and the overall claim payment status has become monumentally important to both patients and organizations. 

This is precisely why a robust Claim Estimation software technology platform is vital. By investing in a reliable solution like SlicedHealth®, you are investing in your organization's financial health, operational efficiency, and compliance. Our advanced technology simplifies the claims process, streamlines workflows, and optimizes revenue management.

We've got you covered!

SlicedHealth Claim Estimation's automated and data-driven process saves your organization time and assures greater accuracy of true patient financial obligation. Claim Estimation, in conjunction with Contract Management and Price Transparency, is the trifecta that increases upfront collection and protects against patient leakage.

Install in weeks, not months

Enable patients to make informed decisions

Advanced reporting capabilities

The greatest impediment to upfront collection is patients not knowing what they owe. Imagine the benefits to the healthcare provider and the patient if the financial obligation is known ahead of the service being provided.


Let's talk about transforming your healthcare organization

Let us know a little about you and we’ll reach out to schedule an inside look at how partnering with SlicedHealth can drive your success. 

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